Thursday, February 19, 2015

EDExpo 2015, Here We Go!!

These last few weeks have just been so busy and exhilarating! Many fun things happened like being one of three finalists for Teacher of the Year. I didn't win, but I had steep competition. Our phenomenal art teacher deservingly took the prize!

This weekend, a new opportunity presents itself. I've been invited to EDExpo 2015. It is taking place here in my hometown of Atlanta. In just a few days superintendents, curriculum coordinators, and retailers of educational brick & mortars, and online stores will converge for the premier showcase of educational supplies, materials, furnishings, and products. I'm most looking forward to seeing what different games and activities I can find that will add to my classroom instruction. Anyone who knows me knows I'm always on the lookout for an activity to get my kids jazzed up! 

There are other bloggers that have been invited, so I'm thrilled to see familiar faces and to meet new teacher/bloggers from all over the country. Extending my happy blogger circle a goal of mine this year, so what an amazing opportunity! Be on the lookout next week when I post a full entry about the experience, including what goodies I was able to collect and my initial thoughts on how to use them in the class. I'll also be re-establishing my Twitter account (!!!!). Be sure to follow me @TeachToolz. Help me revive my love for Twitter! I will be using #EDexpo2015, as will other attendees. Come and check it out! I can't wait!!

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  1. It was such a great opportunity. Thanks for spending the day with me!