Sunday, November 02, 2014

Currently November

As some of you know, I began blogging in January. At that time, I thought that blogging was just for posting what I was currently doing in the classroom. I've learned that it opens up a world full of inspiration, spirited, happy, ambitious teachers that I'm thrilled to meet through blogs and social network. I've also learned about SLANT boxes, shared Pinterest boards, and Blog Hopping. Truthfully, I'm not so sure how to do it all the time, but I'm anxious to learn, so thanks to Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for letting us teachers share with each other!

So, for the month of November, I'm sharing my currently.  Before I do so, November is my ultimate favorite month. It's the month of my mine and my husbands birthdays. Jeff proposed to me in November. Leaves turn beautiful colors at the beginning of this month here in Atlanta. Thanksgiving usually marks the time that I come up for air and stop having "couch breakdowns" that my husband knows too well. This year, we're traveling to Bermuda for my husband's rugby tournament. I love that part the most! With all that said, it's a good month to try something new.

NFL and football in general are the best background noises. Surprisingly, I did get to squeeze in my DVR'd shows and a movie, but I usually just listen to my TV. Must be all thanks to the end of daylight savings time.

For that reason, I loved the end of daylight savings time. I'm sick as a dog with sinus issues, so I didn't really sleep in, but it was good to get out of bed and be productive. I just made sure I had warm jammies and blankets along with hot soup and hot tea.

We have all kinds of freeze advisories in our city. I've already said that Atlanta is as far north as I'll ever live, but our winters are getting to be too much for me. On top of being sick, my morning duty is carpool.... 30 minutes of frozen tundra hell is all that keeps running through my head. My Wisconsin-raised husband needs to share his Long Johns with me tomorrow.

I've been craving the worst food. Right now, I'm wanting Taco Bell in the worst way. Earlier today, my craving was Krispy Kreme donuts. I think I'm fatigued by the two days of chicken and rice soup. The only thing stopping me from getting in the car is the cold and the fact that I scorched my mouth earlier on hot tea.

Honestly, I should hop into bed soon. Waking up is going to stink. I'll need extra time to pack on the layers of clothes and clear my congested head. Beautiful!

Think and Grow Rich because I use to be so much better with my finances. I'm a bit ashamed that I'm not putting anything here that is suitable for my students or related to school at all.  My interests are all across the board, and I freely share that with my students. I hope they all discover their own interests in reading topics of their choice.

Well, I sure hope I did that all correctly. Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. Love your blog! I was listening to football in the background too...but then the boyfriend left, so I turned on Gilmore Girls ;) Hope it's not too too cold tomorrow!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. Ugh, so glad that I don't have any outside duties. I teach in Michigan so it gets QUITE cold here! And now you have me wanting to brave the cold for something horribley bad for me. :) Maybe Ill see what is in my kiddos trick or treat bucket. LOL! Hope you feel better soon!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. Well, football is off and now I'm "listening" to Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. I confess, I may be using the rearview mirror on my desk a little more than I'm lesson planning. Sorry, Jean for planting bad thoughts. It's never a craving for healthy stuff this late, is it!?

  4. I hope you feel better soon! And I hope that your husband takes pity on you and buys you your own long johns! ;) Have a great week! Stay warm!

  5. I hope your sinuses clear up soon!
    I got stuck with morning car duty last year, and I froze my toes off! I feel your pain. Southern winters may not be nearly as bad as northern ones, but they can still get very cold!


  6. Thanks ladies! I do need to look into buying some long johns. I've been in denial, but our cold, wet, icy winters seem like they're here to stay. Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  7. Hi Felicia,

    I am loving the hour we gained this past weekend too! I totally took advantage of it too by going to bed earlier and waking up way later =) I too am craving some pretty unhealthy food right about this time of the year. I LOVE Taco Bell and their double decker tacos. Super addicting! BTW...I ate all the Airheads you gave me in my Slant Box like in one joke!

    A LoveLi Class