Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh, Snap! - I Made a Boo Boo

Here I was, promising a new post about my adult words bulletin board. Well, I got sidetracked! It happens to all of us, right? I was productive, however, and I'm able to post another freebie for my readers. This freebie can also be downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers. Feel free to use either link.
With Common Core implementation, we are seeing more and more emphasis on nonfiction. Nonfiction can be challenging and intimidating to young readers and English Language Learners. Magazines are very manageable for our struggling readers, especially if we find one geared towards their personal interest, which I highly encourage. I've used this choice board to ease students into exploring nonfiction through a few wonderful magazine articles. And not to forget our avid readers, this choice board offers a twist to your every day reading response. 

I want to thank my sweet husband, mentors, co-workers, and friends for continuing to give me ideas, plus a boost in confidence. This free download will be my first item listed in my TPT store! Please share this with your teams. Pinning, blogging, posting, sharing, instagramming... all sound great to me. I will be forever grateful. =)

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