Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's Developing: I Used an Adult Word

These extra inclement weather days allow me to share more with you. Putting these posts together make me miss my students, but I hope they're getting to play in the last bit of snow before it all melts away. I am sharing one of my favorite reward and incentive bulletin boards. I came up with this one day when a fifth graders told another one, "You better finish your homework. He is already cross." Cross? I asked her to verify what the word meant, and she told me upset and angry. I was thrilled! She was taking chances with new vocabulary she learned in reading or another class. I decided to reward this risk-taking behavior in a cute way, using a play on words. By taking risks in their social language, I thought she should be honored, and I was determined to make a big deal of it. After all, we make a big to-do about things we don't like all the time. That student inspired the I Used an Adult Word Wall. Whenever I hear students attempt a word beyond their reading level or their language proficiencies in an organic way, I tell my student to "Get a Ticket!" to their delight. We fill in the ticket and highlight them on the class board. After last year, I took down the tickets and made a Hall of Fame booklet that hangs on the wall next to the bulletin board. Students like to refer to these for new words, and I think having their picture attached gives them a lot of pride! Building confidence is one of my favorite things! To date my favorites are from my first grader who told me his dream about a teleporter and one for fifth grader who told me about levitating in a video game. =)

I've added these simple forms to my Google Docs drive for the sharing. Yay for FREEBIES! If you think this would be a great thing to add to your room in this new year and approaching testing season, feel free to download your own copy by clicking on button below.
Just because I was ready to give my board a little aesthetic oomph next year, I create a graphic copy as well. If you want a little more pizzazz, I've put a file on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is different than the Docs file. Click on the cover to go to my TPT store.

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