Monday, February 17, 2014

"Sunday" Reflections - Gratitude

Yes, today is actually Monday, but our district is off for President's Day. I have had a very restful, yet productive L-O-N-G weekend due to snow and ice days that slammed Atlanta metro during the course of last week. My husband is back to his regular schedule, the house is silent with just the dog and me, and I'm content. For a moment, I bask in this feeling. I don't feel like I'm thrashing around in the water, gasping for air.

When the dust settles, this is when I begin to remember my journey and all of those that helped me get here. I had great professors at Mercer University, and I miss interacting with them. I loved being a college student! My family knows this, oh, too well. My soul is happy when the people around me impart knowledge and share ideas. Today, this goes to them, but also to my teacher friends. Thanks for the learning opportunities. Thanks for allowing me the chance to be a sponge.  Have a great week this week!

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